Yoga for Singers: Searching for Freedom (2015) is an experimental documentary, following a group of 15 singers over a period of 3 months as they are sent on a challenging and liberating journey, pushing physical and psychological boundaries and working towards transformation of bodies, minds and voices.

The group participated in 10 weekly Yoga for Singers-sessions with daily home practices in between. They also did Lung Capacity Tests immediately before and after the field study. Three of them – Astrid, Jenny and Mathias – were chosen as representative focus participants, receiving special attention in group sessions, a private session each and a laryngoscopy with experienced ENT-doctor Bo Huniche.

The film shows how the group is struggling to build a solid foundation of body and breath work, slowly strengthening the connection between heart, mind and expression, and collectively working towards deeper individual experiences of freedom.

Yoga for Singers: Searching for Freedom reveals uplifting results on YFS & Lung Capacity as well as groundbreaking research into the subject of Freedom related to Yoga and Voice.

None of the material has been manipulated in the editing process, except for the footage of the vocal cords, which were brightened a bit for detail. All sounds are unaltered recordings from the built-in microphones in the two film cameras on site.

Captured by Alexander Fog, Madleena Larivaara and Júlía Óttarsdóttir.

Edited by Alexander Fog and Christina Liljeroth.